Adventures with the Andersons - World Forestry Center

Since I am literally months behind on here, this feature will be popping up a lot while I play catchup. 

I don't really remember when we ventured to the World Forestry Center, but I know it was sometime after our second move because we took the MAX line (I'll gush about the MAX in another post). It took about an hour to get there, but it's a fun hour and the stop at Washington Park is super cool because it's 260ft below ground.

The museum is simple and interesting. You basically learn all about forests and what we are capable of creating with wood. 

In the center is a little piece of forest and a lift ride you can take to the top. We didn't partake in the ride because the tot didn't meet the height requirement, but she grows so fast I'm sure she'll be tall enough in about fifteen minutes.

The majority of the exhibits are interactive or hands-on which makes it perfect for both the little one  and the kid at heart. I could have sworn I took a picture of the hubs and ELA on a virtual white water rafting thing, but apparently it was a mental photo. Whoops.


  1. geez. people are so talented. there's no way that I could do anything like carving..

  2. How neat. I bet it smells amazing in there, too.