Adventures with the Andersons - Japanese Gardens

I typed this post up over a month ago, but the banner I had created ended up being really similar to the blog title of a dear friend. Since my creativity has been at a standstill it took a while for me to create a new one. I feel a bit "meh" about this post now, but I'm gonna publish it just to give the 'ole blog some life. 

I decided to create a feature for all the various adventures the Andersons embark on. Since moving to our lovely new city we've been much busier than before, so these posts will be a photo diary of sorts. If you happen to be my FB friend as well (which I think everyone who reads this is), this may get a bit repetitive. Feel free not to read it. I won't be offended. 

We decided to explore the The Japanese Gardens for Father's Day because it just so happens to be my husband's favorite style of garden. Luckily ELA is a huge fan of rocks, and wilderness in general, so she was pretty entertained as well. A bit less lucky was the fact that the battery in my camera was dead. Here are a few of the pics I took with my trusty phone.

It's really lovely and peaceful, and a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  


  1. SO pretty! And I <3 the banner!!


  2. I agree with Jen. Great shots and adorable banner. :) I'm so happy that you guys are exploring! Next time we visit, you will be able to show us all the cool things.


  3. Thanks ladies! I think this banner may be my favorite one. :)

    Mandy - Hopefully we'll have lots to show you the next time you venture up this way. <3