A Big Box of Happy

Recently I won the fabulous giveaway over at File Me Away. As I kid I won the cake walk so frequently that I believed you just walked in a circle and then they gave you a treat, but this is the first time I've ever won anything as an adult. Honestly, I couldn't have been more excited if I tried! 

Due to the whole move and move again fiasco I had to wait for what felt like an eternity before I was able to give Megan a mailing address. Boy was it worth the wait! 

My spoils:

Those suitcases are so pretty in real life! I'm torn between actually using them, storing craft supplies in them, or just putting them on display. Within the littlest one I found a lovely card, coasters with knitting instructions, a little frame magnet, an apron, and the coolest little cookbook thing ever! I don't cook, but all of my mother's recipes came from similar books, and there are tons of blank pages inside for notes (although I don't think I'll ever want to soil the pages with my handwriting). 

Please forgive me if it seems like I'm bragging. I'm just really excited and wanted to share. I will definitely need to have a giveaway of my own at some point so that I can pay it forward. Thanks again Megan! You're awesome! 


Portland Discoveries - BraveStarr, chocolate milk, & a DQ menu

In this feature I will be posting fun or interesting things I've discovered while getting to know my new city. It will pop up whenever I have something new to share, and will most likely not be composed of the typical things Portlanders adore because I'm just not that cool. ;)

BraveStarr on local channel 22-2:

A photo of it on my TV.

My brother and I used to watch this cartoon when we were little (he LOVED it). BraveStarr is a space cowboy (technically Galactic Marshall) on the planet New Texas with powers from spirit animals. He's awesome. (This channel also plays cute pre-school cartoons all day which is fabulous when Mom needs a minute.)

this chocolate milk:

I'm a huge fan of chocolate milk and this stuff is amazing! It doesn't have any crazy chemical ingredients, it comes in an adorable mini carton, and it tastes like I suspect the river in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory does.

this Dairy Queen menu:

This was the menu for the DQ patrons using the drive-thru. How cute is this?!

More to come! What have you stumbled across lately?


A little over a month ago we pulled out of our driveway in Southern Oregon and headed north. This was a dream and plan we'd had for years and it was finally coming true, but at first it was really hard to be excited. I was taken off guard by how much I was reluctant to leave behind. I knew I'd miss my mom, my friends and my home, but it's shocking the things you grow attached to. Who knew I'd be heartbroken to move away from my pediatrician?

The thing I miss most though is my little abode. We own our home in Central Point, and even though we bought it knowing we'd never stay, and it certainly isn't our dream house, I still love and miss it.

For the first three weeks I wanted to my house back so badly it hurt. The place we had lined up to rent turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. The bedrooms upstairs were creepier than we remembered and I was reluctant to put ELA to bed every night (crazy old house not remodeled very well after all). Our bed frame couldn't fit up the staircase, so we just had our mattress on the floor. None of our furniture really fit because it was smaller than we'd realized, and the washer smelled like mold. 

Then, during our first 48 hours in that house, it became obvious we couldn't stay. Both ELA and I were suffering massive asthma issues, but only while in the house, and our financial situation tightened up a bit. We spent the next few weeks trying to find somewhere new (with the only internet access being on our phones!).

Fortunately a little duplex popped up just in time. I'm not crazy about sharing walls, but I've done it before and it's not forever. :)

We still haven't fully unpacked, but we're definitely getting starting to get settled. Eventually I'll even set up my craft area and Handmade Monday will return. What a thought!


I Am Here, I Am Here!

After over three weeks, two moves, and one relocation I am here. If anyone has been waiting for signs of life to emerge from my dust speck, I am here. Life has been super crazy since the moving truck pulled out of our old driveway and into our new one (and then into a second new one), and I can't wait to tell you about it, but first I need to unpack these horrible boxes. 

I hope all is well. Please stay tuned!