Portland Discoveries - BraveStarr, chocolate milk, & a DQ menu

In this feature I will be posting fun or interesting things I've discovered while getting to know my new city. It will pop up whenever I have something new to share, and will most likely not be composed of the typical things Portlanders adore because I'm just not that cool. ;)

BraveStarr on local channel 22-2:

A photo of it on my TV.

My brother and I used to watch this cartoon when we were little (he LOVED it). BraveStarr is a space cowboy (technically Galactic Marshall) on the planet New Texas with powers from spirit animals. He's awesome. (This channel also plays cute pre-school cartoons all day which is fabulous when Mom needs a minute.)

this chocolate milk:

I'm a huge fan of chocolate milk and this stuff is amazing! It doesn't have any crazy chemical ingredients, it comes in an adorable mini carton, and it tastes like I suspect the river in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory does.

this Dairy Queen menu:

This was the menu for the DQ patrons using the drive-thru. How cute is this?!

More to come! What have you stumbled across lately?


  1. 1. Audrey was introduced to BraveStarr via Netflix. She is OBSESSED!! This is also the way she found Voltron, She-Ra, He-Man, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and others. She definitely favors old school cartoons over newer ones, and Bryan and I LOVE it!!
    2. Chocolate milk rocks! My favorite brand is Promised Land. SO GOOD!
    3. That is the cutest menu EVER!

  2. lol.... Willy Wonka's chocolate river? You crack me up!

  3. Your chocolate milk posting makes me super jealous. Being largely lactose intolerant sucks a lot of the time. haha.

    I am excited to see what this segment of your blog produces! * rubs hands together gleefully, planning a trip *

  4. OH. P.S. You have successfully left the 'dinky valley' ;)

  5. WHAAAAA that's the best menu!!!

  6. Jen - You're daughter is awesome.
    Ang - <3!
    P.S. You're right! I will fix that. :D
    Liz - I thought so too!

  7. Cute! Love the new feature. :D